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Mystery Bundle Worth At Least £20 *Reduced*

Want That Fudge

Mystery Bundle Worth At Least £20 *Reduced*


Don't know what to choose? Let us choose for you!

There will be no duplicated products in your mystery box. Will you get a slice, donut, loaf, roll or even a full tray?

Our £15 mystery box will contain at least £20* worth of products.


Best Before is 3 weeks from the day it is made, available now items will have a shorter best before, as it is ready made stock from the previous week.



*Mystery bundle values are calculated using the full price of items. If individual items are reduced in the available now section at the end of the week then the value of the box may fall under £20 if calculated using sale prices.

As our mystery boxes are random they may contain any flavours & allergens. All of our products come with full ingredient labels. 

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