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Royal Mail Delays

We are receiving so many emails and messages regarding items that have not yet been delivered or scanned we have decided to put all the information in one place.

Firstly we would like to apologise that you have not received your order, we always want our orders to arrive to you asap. We always try our very best to get orders dispatched as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately due to the strikes Royal Mail are really far behind at some mail centres! All our parcels used to go straight to our nearest mail centre (Sheffield) to be sorted, since the strikes they now seem to go to any random mail centre so seems very hit and miss how quick you will receive your order. 

The main issue at the moment is parcels that have left us on Monday 28th November (inc 27th as orders were packed this day). 167 orders left on Monday - as of Tuesay 6th 23:45, 50 orders have still yet to have the first scan! This has come down from 67 24h ago so they are working through them!

Please can we ask that you be patient, we understand that it has been a long wait but unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do. We can only see the same information you see, this is the same if you contact Royal Mail - they will tell you to wait a few more days then contact us. All we can do is wait for your parcel to travel through the network.

As we were so busy for black Friday a lot of items were made from the 23rd so will have a MINIMUM best before of 14th December. Please remember this is only a best before not a use by.

Please can we ask that you wait for your parcel to arrive. If you are not happy with anything please rest assured we will sort if for you! 

These delays have come at the worst possible time for us, right in the middle of our busiest time of the year! We did plan for delays by removing the lower priority untracked services, we did not expect to see delays this long ourselves. 

Please can we ask for you only to get in touch again once your order has arrived if there is an issue.